Renaissance Charitable Foundation

The Renaissance Charitable Foundation (RCF) is a §501(c)(3) public charity which offers donors flexibility and control over their charitable giving. RCF hosts Donor-Advised Funds and Charitable Gift Annuities, and will work in tandem with financial planning professionals and potential donors to create the perfect environment that meets your charitable planning needs. Renaissance Charitable Foundation partners with Renaissance Administration an Indianapolis-based charitable trust administration company that was founded in 1987.

What Is a Donor-Advised Fund?

A Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) is a charitable tool which offers donors the opportunity to make immediately deductible charitable contributions while retaining some influence over the charitable purposes for which those contributions are ultimately used. The assets inside the DAF are invested and professionally managed (often by the donor’s current financial professional), offering the potential for contributions to grow and potentially result in larger charitable gifts.

Visit the Donor-Advised Fund profile page to see how a DAF works and to view sample case strategies that illustrate how DAFs have been used by other donors.