Any Donor. Any Gift. Any Charity.


Full-Service Solutions for Donor-Advised Funds

RCF, along with its administrative partner RenPSG, provides everything you need to quickly create and manage donor-advised funds. In fact, the majority of our programs "go live" within 90 days.

Every one of our managed solutions include the following services: 


On-Line Access

A custom-branded platform is built for your program on DonorFirstX (DFX), RenPSG's propriety technology. DFX enables donors to recommend grants and plan contributions while staff access complete program reporting.


Our marketing team works with you to brand and develop your DFX platform, create program forms as well as collateral material. Additional marketing assistance available includes webinars, video tutorials, email marketing campaigns and content assistance.



Once funds are created in your program, it is imperative to stay current with their values. RCF directly receives (or uploads through APIs) the investment statements to update fund values. If necessary, our team performs sub-accounting for pooled investments assigning appropriate values to each fund.


One-time, monthly, quarterly or on a schedule of their choosing, our solution provides donors with multiple granting options. Also, international granting options are available.


Charity Vetting & Grant Distribution

Utilizing premier GuideStar integration, our client service team vets all recommended charities to verify they are eligible to receive a grant. The team creates a grant letter, check and mails it. A copy of the grant letter is uploaded into the donor's account for future reference.

Charitable Expertise

Our consulting team has an average tenure of 22 years working on charitable gifts and stand ready to answer your questions. They are especially beneficial when working on specialty asset gifts. 


Specialty Asset Solutions* 

The ability to accept specialty or unique assets is a key RCF feature that sets us apart from the competition. You can learn more about the solutions we have developed for specialty assets on our Resources Page.

Cash & Publicly Traded Securities

The most common and easiest to donate, cash and publicly traded securities are always a good option. Especially any stock that has appreciated in value allowing the donor to avoid the capital gain tax on the sale of the stock.


Business Interests

Unrelated Business Taxable Income generally creates a significant tax hurdle for donors who wish to make a charitable gift of their S-Corporation stock. By giving S-Corporation stock to our supporting organization, we can reduce the tax bite.

Real Estate

After creating a special purpose, single-member LLC with RCF as the sole member to receive, hold and manage real estate, RCF accepts gifts of real estate as long as the donor has not entered into a binding agreement to sell.


Business Interests                               (partnership, LLC & C-Corporation)

RCF accepts gifts of interest in a Partnership (or membership units in an LLC taxed as a Partnership) as well as gifts of C-Corporation stock (or an LLC taxed as a C-Corporation), subject to due diligence prior to accepting the gift. 

IRA Distributions

Available to donors age 70 1/2 or older, funds are deposited into an Endowment Fund, not a donor-advised fund. Rollover is limited to $100,000 per year for an individual and reduces any Required Minimum Distribution from your IRA for the year.


*All gifts are subject to RCF's gift acceptance policy.